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Why You are Not Getting Interviews

So, right now you are a web developer, right? not quite. You thought we were done here? Not yet.

What most people do is that they get to this point. And they build something like a weather app or to do app or this basic project and then they are like "I built like 5 projects in JavaScript. Why I'm I still not getting interviews?"

Well, because your projects suck at this point.

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The thing is, up until this point, we have been learning basically plain JavaScript with plain HTML and plain CSS.

But the thing is, and I am sorry to have to tell you this, in 2024, no one uses plain JavaScript.

Everyone uses what we know as framework.

What a framework is is basically like a pre-built thing that is built around plain JavaScript to make web development easier for you.

Remember from our explanation before, we have got the backend and we have got the frontend.

Actually building our server and everything like that manually is freaking complicated. So, they have built this prebuilt frameworks with everything that you need to start using the server right away.

Same thing for the frontend. If you are building out a complex frontend for our website is actually quite complicated. So, they built this frameworks so as to make it easier for you.

"So why do we spend so much time learning plain HTML and plain JavaScript if no one uses them?"

Well, it is because, in order to understand this frameworks, you need to learn the foundations of plain JavaScript first.

It is sort of like trying to use a calculator before learning the foundations about addition, multiplication, works before that.

You need to understand the foundations so that then you can essentially ignore them and build on top of them.

I mentioned before, that you can use the backend in many different languages like Python or Java and things like this.

But if you have learnt JavaScript already, it makes sense for you to also do the backend in JavaScript using this framework called NodeJS and Express. There is this great course The 2 Hour Web Developer that you can check out.

Rooting for you!
Karl ⛹️

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