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re: github.com/thepracticaldev/dev.to/... 🙃

Haha nice. Honestly, I'm just so used to copy/pasting emojis from slack and discord. Fun fact, when you do that, it copies the colon emoji syntax, not the unicode glyph 😅🙃

@bendhalpern some numbers (using /usr/bin/time -l on OSX):

Go: 0.0s, 1.5Mb
Go run: 0.10s, 24Mb
Node: 0.06s, 19Mb
Ruby: 0.08s, 11Mb
Crystal: 0.0s, 1.5Mb
Crystal run: 0.4s, 10.4Mb
Rust: 0.00s - 1.12MiB
Rust (nightly): 0.01s - 0.88MiB
Go: 0.00s - 1.64MiB
Go run: 0.25s - 24.11MiB
Python: 0.21s - 5.48MiB

Disclaimer: I'm inexperienced with Go; using the example from below 😅

Oh, I know almost nothing about Go. I'm specifically using these exercises to learn the syntax. No clue if and how what I'm doing can be optimized. Go is famously, weirdly restrictive and intentionally verbose.

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