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re: Thank you. It flowed out as a set of notes :) my plan is to tidy and extend. Any topics in particular you'd like me to elaborate on?

I was quite touched by your descriptions on working with easier stuff for a while to ease your mind - I had to do that myself.
I'd like your full detailed account, to be honest. 🙈

Cool - there are two reasons to do that. One is self-compassion (you need to go easy on yourself), the second is values (you've decided that something else is actually more important in your life - a side project or passion project - and you'd like to give more of yourself to it). Both are valid, it can seem a bit unwise to people around you to step back or take "less responsibility" but the inner game part is the acknowledgement that it's your life and you know best what's good for you. And watching your own inner resistance.

I'll write heaps more on this soon.

Thanks for the feedback!

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