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Discussion on: 6 Months of Working Remotely Taught Me a Thing or Ten

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Paul Scivetti

Peter, all great points. I've been working full-time remote for 25 years at this was called 'telecommuting' back in the day.  :)

A few other points I'd like to add...

  1. Working remotely requires ACTIVE LISTENING for important meeting, especially one involving multiple people.  That involves asking clarifying questions to make sure you're picking up on the speaker's intent ("So, what I'm hearing you say is....").  Video chat has actually help with communication, but even with video, it is easy to miss something in a remote meeting.

  2. No side conversations in meetings.  When you have a meeting where some folks are remote and some folks are together in a room, the 'side conversations' that go on in the room are incredibly difficult to focus on for the remotes.  In these hybrid situations, it is really important to have just one person speaking at a time in the room.

  3. Leave home every day. (psychologically, not physically)  When you're at work, be at work.  Separate physical space - even a corner in a room - really makes a difference.  If you're partner/spouse also works from home, you each need separate work space (from 'home space' and from each other)

  4. Leave work every day.  Sometimes when you work remote, there is a tendency to be on call 24/7 and never (mentally) 'leave work'.  This is more insidious that you might think.  It totally screws up your work/life balance and messes with your relationships in a negative way.  And it can be hard to do when you're passionate about what you're working on or the people you're working with - but it is vitally important if you're doing this long term.

  5. Actively look for ways to foster team spirit and knock down barriers to efficiency.  Sometimes folks are just toodling along doing what they do without looking at they what and why of it.  If something bugs you or strikes you as not optimal, bring it up.  It is amazing how small improvements to common issues can help bind a team together.

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