Discussion on: What is the virtual DOM

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Ori Alvarez Author

You mentioned it and on my RSS Feed, this is the first blog post for programming css-tricks.com/getting-acquainted-.... This is very interesting and I didn't know this existed. Something that worries me a bit is that it does the heavy load once meaning if you have a very data-heavy app it might stall for a long time but not exactly sure since I haven't tested that behavior. I will probably give it a try in the near future.

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Mike Nikles

Svelte's build step only compiles your components to regular Javascript and bundles that, ready for deployment. If you make requests to a backend API from within a component, that still happens at runtime.

I wrote a blog post a few weeks ago where I highlighted some of the benefits I believe Svelte has over React. If you're curious to learn more you can find that on my profile. Also feel free to reach out to me if you have questions.