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Free web hosting 100% Free

Ok guys so i already made a post about how to convert your website into exe file. But it need a links to the website. But how about if you didn't have any server to hosting or you didn't have any website. This post is for you because today I'm gonna tell you how to hosting a website for free. The website is always online and it's 100% Free.
WOW 😲...

Hosting A Free Website

I recommend you to use because it's very simple and easy to create website there.

  1. Create an account using google or anything else

  2. After that there is like a welcome page with 2 buttons, just click on the "it's not my first rodeo, take me to the panel"

  3. And then name your project

  4. After you creating your project there will be a page with a text "Choose your weapon of mass creation"

If you using HTML to create website click on the third button by clicking the select button with the description "Upload your site"

  1. After that you are on the panel and click "Create New Site"

And insert the website name and password and goto > Tools > File Manager > And create or upload your html file

Your website link can be found in the panel that have Create a new site button.

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Thank you guys if you already watch this article until the end, if you have any problem feel free to ask in the comment section i will answer it as fast as i can.

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TheFoxieDev Author

What make 000webhost and github pages is different? If you use 000webhost you can add database, or use php mysql, github can only use a HTML file

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TheFoxieDev Author

Maybe you guys know what is 000webhost is.. but i'm just post this article for people that didn't know how to host a website for free. Also you can host a website using github pages.