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Convert your website into EXE file using Node.JS

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Hey guys 😁, today I'm gonna be showing you how to convert your website link into exe file

  1. Download node.js
  2. When you downloading make sure you click the button "Add to PATH", and then you ready to install.
  3. Open cmd and type "npm install -g nativefier"
  4. Wait until the installation is finished.
  5. After that type like this "nativefier --name 'Your App Name' ''"
  6. Wait until the converting is finish and goto C:/Windows/System32/And search folder with the name "yourappname-win32"

If you have any problem feel free to ask, im gonna answer as fast as i can

Link to hosting a free website:

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TheFoxieDev Author

Nativefier is no longer on system32, you can search your converted file on your username directory. ✌🏻