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re: You're welcome. I'm glad someone gets it. I've been afraid to even speak my mind on this topic because there is so much freaking resistance to not ...

It's a bad but common assumption that frameworks are well written and that the coder can't do better. It's also a bad assumption that frameworks can either contain or enhance a bad developer. A huge complex Gordian knot of a framework is only going to give a bad developer more rope.

This is the thing that sticks to me the most. Having had developed my own framework, i have a yardstick to measure other frameworks by, and they pretty much all fail to stack up to some of the pretty basic function libraries i've put together, in terms of how difficult the syntax is to type, how fast they perform, etc.

( the only framework i found respect for in this regard is the fat free framework )

I always come back wondering who finds these solutions acceptable.
A simple database call in laravel or symfony is about 3 times more complex than i'd like.

Perhaps these frameworks provide acceptable solutions for people who do not know better and are just average programmers. In this case, it might be better for them to be using someone else's solution.

With the code camps churning out hundreds of new programmers per day, i think the framework popularity will only continue over time. This may result in another phase of poorly written, unmaintainable php code - except this time, you also get to figure out what automagic is happening when you try to debug that mess after the original programmer hit a wall and walked away from / failed to complete the project..

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