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Interesting premise. I would be cautious suggesting there is one (using the definite article “the”) and a “correct” motivation. I think there are many, and they change over time.

I got into software development because I was sick and tired of being well-educated, yet poor (my degrees are in Music). Financial success is stil one of my motivations, but I have since come to love the craftsmanship of quality software.

It’s also true that our motivations may not always be “noble”. Being a musician in high school was as much about being attractive to girls as it was pursuing the magic of musicial expression. What gets you in the door might not keep you there. I would say that’s okay.

Our industry, like Life, isn’t one-size-fits-all. There is, I would say more than ever, a panoply of people from all walks of life with all sorts of motivations for being here. Maintaining a level of fluidity, inside and outside ourselves, will serve us well.


You are right. I changed the title to "The various levels of motivation".

Financial success can be defined as a fear of being poor or fear of earning below a certain income. I think that is one of my main motivations too, and that's fine. I think "fear" plays a major part in motivation. I wonder was that fear that got you into playing music in high school (missing out on girls) or was that the excitement of success (being attractive to girls) 🤔. There is a difference and I think internal motivation (in the context of the term used here) is more of an "excitement of success" based motivation.


Haha, both! The fear of not being attractive AND the excitement at the success.

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