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re: Thanks so much for putting this together, Emily - and welcome to the Rails family. We are so happy that you're here. Likewise, if you're ever stuck...

I'm so happy it might be able to help some people! Ruby and Rails may not be the coolest newest hotness, but the accessibility of it was such a good foundation for me to learn CS concepts and common programming practices that I can translate into learning so many other things.


I'll let you in on a little secret: Ruby was never about being the popular kid in town. Indeed, many folks who chase the herd will go where people tell them to go instead of listening to what makes them happy. But yeah, out of the gate the constant question was "but will it scale?" and it slowly morphed into the haters declaring it "old" and therefore, apparently, somehow bad - never mind that it's still the most productive framework for building sites people want to use. There's a reason that the founders of Shopify, GitHub, AirBnb and so many more have said that they didn't succeed despite Rails but because of it.

We figure that we're building stuff 2-5x faster than React teams, on the average.

Anyhow, Rails is always going to be cool to me. I'm someone who reads the Rails Doctrine and I get legit emotional. It's just been such an incredible force for good in my life over the past 16 years.

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