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Discussion on: Flexbox changed my life, bye bye boostrap

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Chris Jasper • Edited on

I get what you are saying but Bootstrap is a poor choice for solving the two major reasons you listed in the first place. While it does contain layout and responsiveness utilities, that is not the main goal of the project. I'm also primarily a backend developer. I agree that the base style of Bootstrap is not exactly attractive, it is extremely easy to override for your specific design. The major benefit I find is the unified style across my entire sites instantly. I've found that on our projects with multiple devs where preference can vary wildly, Bootstrap adds a bit of sanity and forces a consistent look and feel.

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Manan Gouhari Author

I see what you mean. In your case Bootstrap definitely does the job. But my use cases are different coz I don't usually work in teams consisting bunch of people yet, still on the learning journey.
Again, thanks for pointing out those very valid points.