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What does this do differently then github.com/Developmint/nuxt-purgecss in nuxt case? (I'm finding that module inconsistent)


They should do the same thing, I found faster and easier to implement PurgeCSS with that plugin :)


Could you tell me maybe then why i still have classes repeated in my code sometimes with nuxt? It feels like it doesn't know about my framework (buefy in this case). So sometimes its duplicated or even include 3 sometimes on some rare occasions...

Do you import buefy in your css? I mean before that you check your css with PurgeCSS the code of Buefy is already there?

I just use the nuxt-buefy module for that. So i assume that gets loaded first before the build stuff is being ran... Are you using this by any chance aswell?

The upper is my local dev and the bottom is the final build

Yes it could be, no actually I'm not using nuxt-buefy

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