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When all you have is a hammer ...

This is funny in so much as it keeps repeating in all aspects of our industry. "My tool is the best there ever has been!"


Use the correct tool for the job. Sometimes that means an RDBMS (please show me how you'd build a sophisticated transactional system like accounting records or banking actions with NoSQL), sometimes that means NoSQL (Solr / ES for full text search -- RDBMSs are just not good at full text search as efficiently as these are hands down).

But the right tool is more than your database choice. Be open to different languages, frameworks, libraries, methodologies, etc. To pigeon-hole yourself into only solving things with C#/Angular/React/Oracle/Python/OOP is to limit your ability to provide actual solutions; but kudos to you for ticking off another box to say "Yep, I 'fixed' the issue with my standard kit!".

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