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Why VSCODE Is The Best ?

According to me, the main reason why VSC become so popular is that it has everything which any programmer expects from any code editor with some additional and useful features. It's lightweight, fast, open source and cross-platform nature along with other cool features gives it an extra edge over any other editor.

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Vincenzo Di Vico

i use it becouse is powerfull thanks to the extension, but is still lightweight. i left brackets and atom becouse for me they are heavier than vs code, especially atom. i was curious about phpstorm so i tried it some days ago. it's so heavy and slow on my mac. i stopped using after 2 minutes and returned quick to my beloved vs code

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Charly Escalona

Like you say VSCode become popular because it's lightweight, but I think it's also thank to his large community that can create powerful extension easily.
A very nice all in one editor (a half IDE, more lightweight than a IDE..), terminal, debug console ect

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+1 . Thanks "GOD"

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Amal Shaji

VSCode is a great editor. But I still use Goland for go, and sometimes pycharm.

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Christian Gröber

For my job I use Phpstorm, but whenever I do something just for fun I mainly use vscode because of how lightweight it is.