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Discussion on: Good Bye Web APIs

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Andrew Robida

Jesus Christ when someone provides free code can we refrain from bashing it? This might not solve your problem but it could be very helpful to people that want to build web apps quickly that are not really worried about scaling it. Example a website that is primarily for booking clients. It is not necessary to use something like graphql or to build a rest API for a local business to book clients. I am pretty sure barbershops or saloons don't need to worry about this type of scaling. This would be perfect for something like that but serverless is a good option as well. Good job Manuel Vila thank you for sharing!

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Amer Mallah

It's not really bashing... He led with a headline and article designed to spark interest, made some broad generalizations in his description and is personally engaging with the debate. His answers are a bit defensive, sure, but I think he (and other noobs who are reading this) are getting a lot of information about the theory behind of separation of concerns and the pros/cons of various remoting tech. I think this both improves his product and educates bystanders!

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leob • Edited on

There's no bashing going on from what I can see, just people pointing out the pros and cons of this approach.