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We are Wooden H Studio

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Who we are

Wooden H Studio is a "Game Studio" of 11 Full Sail University students and one student from Rock Mountain College of Art & Design from various disciplines that got together to make a Spyro clone game for the Xbox One on Actus Dei, a custom game engine being developed by our dev team.

Our team

Currently, we have a team of 5 developers, 4 artists, a composer, a producer, & a graphic designer. Here is a breakdown of our team by the department:


Verdayne Graham - Producer

Art, Animation & Music

Ashton Ritzel - Art Lead/ Environment Artist/ Level Designer
Nicole Zedan - Environment Artist
Saish Thakur - Character Rigger/ Character Animator
Nate Burghart - Character Modeller
Elizabeth Kidwell - Composer
Darion Ramkissoon - Graphic Designer/ UI designer


Joseph Whittington - Dev Lead/ Graphics Programmer/ Engine Programmer/ Tools Programmer/ Technical Artist
Daniel Hayward - AI Programmer/ UI Programmer/ Generalist
Gage Dietz - Physics Programmer/ Engine Programmer/ Graphics Programmer
Moises Carmona - Graphics Programmer/ Engine Programmer/ Generalist
Taylor Addington - Gameplay Programmer/ Engine Programmer/ Generalist

The Game

We are currently developing a Spyro clone for Xbox One. This game is the remains of a former collaboration project between the dev lead and the art lead, similar games were attempted twice before but the project always fell through due to scheduling issues, but it seems the third time is the charm, fingers crossed. It's going to be pretty similar to Spyro gameplay, we are trying our best to recreate the feel of Spyro with this game. However, this project is only going to be a simple demo, not a full game.

The Studio Name

Why Wooden H? The name Wooden H Studio is a reference to a hilarious interaction between the dev lead, Joseph Whittington and the Computer Graphics professor at Full Sail University, Lari Norri. There was a small competition to meet performance requirements with a software rasterizer and the Dev Lead lost and the professor made a wooden letter h for humility and awarded Whittington with the wooden h during a lecture as a token of humility. We have decided to embrace the Wooden H and use that as the studio name. The wooden h can be seen in the cover image with the two software rasterizers running together right beside it.

By Joseph Whittington

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