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Love to see devs spread the word about the JAMstack. Thanks for that, Leonardo!

Few resources that could come in handy, addressing some of your points:

JAMstack e-commerce examples

A Tutorial to Bundle Cockpit CMS & Nuxt.js in a full JAMstack

Static Site E-Commerce: Integrating Snipcart with Jekyll

JAMstack backend & serverless examples

Staticman for User-Generated Content on a Jekyll Static Website

Handling Static Forms, Auth & Serverless Functions with Gatsby on Netlify

Webtask's Backend-as-a-Service: A Serverless E-Commerce Tutorial

JAMstack client education

JAMstack for Clients: Benefits, Static Site CMS, & Limitations

I'm obviously biased towards resources on Snipcart's blog, since I work there. But we do spend loads of time crafting JAMstack resources and tuts, and I'm confident these will bring value to the table. :)

Cheers from Québec!


This is awesome, thanks for the great resources!

As someone that currently works at an agency (that hasn't fully embraced JAM yet), having more information to share with my team and our clients is extremely helpful, thanks.

Will also keep Snipcart in mind for potential e-commerce projects 😉


Right on! Don't hesitate to poke our devs on Intercom, anytime. :)

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