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Discussion on: Is No-Code the Future of Creating Websites?

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Brilliantly balanced article exploring the future of no-code. Well done!

I'm a full-stack developer and initially very skeptical that no-code could even begin to impact traditional methods of designing and building websites.

I'm still not an advocate of no-code will replace anything, especially with the advent of Jamstack, SPA's, headless/serverless and other emerging and developing technologies.

However, I dipped into no-code 8 months ago and have since published a few client websites. Depending on the no-code platform of choice it does offer some benefits. If you're a traditional developer and have a firm understanding of how websites are put together to begin with, no-code can offer a super-fast way to put a decent enough website together for a particular type of project.

When it comes to truly custom experiences that require even the smallest amount of interactivity with API's, modern databases, and scaling up cheaply, no-code isn't going to help. Yes there are ways in which to implement API's and databases via other no-code services such as Airtable but they cannot match the robustness and scalability of say document based or realt-time databases.

If your client requires something simple, fast, and manageable, then no-code is I think a viable option. Just don't expect it to be easily scalable without cost.

My concern is that new developers will claim to be "developers" who start with no-code with no clue of how a website actually works. Web development is a multi-faceted discipline which requires a keen understanding of how things work. If that's you, then use no-code to as an extra tool to push a certain breed of website faster.