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What is CSS in JS?

Anjan Shomodder
Full Stack Web Developer | Blogger | Instructor at Cules coding
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I have already created a video about on Cules Coding youtube channel.

Why CSS in JS?

Suppose you have a large scale application with a lot of components.
Alt Text

Each components has different styles. So you add class names to them. Those
class names have some styling.
Alt Text

Now it is easy to mess up with component names like the picture below.
Alt Text

And your whole layout breaks.

How can this problem be solved?

The solution is Scoping CSS. Instead of writing css globaly in css styles, what if we can write them inside
the component. Then the css styles won't affect other components.

But how do we do something like this?

This is where css-in-js comes into play. Css in js is writing css inside
javascript. And we want to write css inside javascript. Now, what css-in-js
libary will do is, it will generate a unique class name to the component. And
that class will have all the styles.
Alt Text

It will add a unique hash to the class name. Just because the hash will be
unique, that's why all the component will have different style. Now we have
Scoping CSS.

How do we write CSS in JS?

There are bunch of libraries out there. Popular ones are:

Alt Text

I like the Styled Component most. You can use whatever you want.

Don't think that all you can do with css-in-js is write scoping Css.

There are a lot of features that those libraries provides us. Like theming,
props adaption, extending style and so on.

And also remember you are writing in JavaScript. That means you can create your
functionalities and features. So, don't let yourself restrict witin libary

To learn more watch the Video.

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