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Take break to be more productive

thatanjan profile image Anjan Shomodder ・4 min read

In this blog I will teach you how taking break can improve your productivity. I am writing this blog post from the perspective of a software developer. But even if you are not a developer, reading this blog post might help you.

My story

I am a full stack web developer. It is almost 3 years, I have been coding. I code everyday. Sometimes not so much but most of the time a lot. Some days may be 8-9 hours.

But do I really code that much time?

Absolutely not. Most of the time I do this:

Alt Text
Alt Text
Alt Text

And end of the day:

Alt Text

Because this is the reality. We do less coding more debugging.

so Maybe you have started your day fully motivated. You have set a goal for your day. So you started coding. After sometime you got stuck in some part of the code. You have been debugging your code for hours. You have done hundred of print statements, tested so many variations. But none them didn't work.

So you leave the day frustrated and lost your motivation.
Alt Text

But when you open the same code in the next day, quickly you started to feel like you are stupid. Why? Because you have made a stupid mistake. Maybe you have just missed a number or did a if check instead of if not check or so on. You have wasted the whole day for a stupid bug which you could have solved in a minute.

Alt Text

Don't worry if you feel stupid. This happens to all of us. From a begginer to a experienced FANG(Facebook Apple Netflix Google) engineer.

So is there any way that we can be more efficient on finding bugs and be more productive?

Short and long answer is yes. The solution is in front of you. The solution is taking break. Yes, taking break is the most efficient solution to me. How?

Alt Text

Let's see.

When you are coding for hours, your brain, eyes get tired.
Alt Text

Your brain produce less solutions and ideas to solve any problem. Your eyes get sleepy. And all of your code simply start to look the same. You apply a lot of approach to find and solve the problem but you don't succeed. Because your eyes didn't search efficiently and that evil bug remains hidden.

Alt Text

But in the next day when you will see the code again you will easily find the bug. How? Because you just took a break to heal your body. And your brain can do its work efficiently. You can now easily now find that stupid bug in your code. And you don't have to waste your time.

I use a 15 minute rule. I start coding normally. When something went wrong, I look at clock and note the time. My goal is to solve that bug in 15 minutes. If I succeed then I am happy.

Alt Text

If I don't succeed then I stopped coding that part of the code. I usually either work on other code or do any other thing. But I won't think about that bug anymore. After taking some break, I get back to that bug. And It gets so much easy to solve.

Now it doesn't always work on first try. Sometimes it might need multiple try.
But it works. I personally set 15 minute. And also it doesn't need to be 15 minute break. It is up to you.

I think you should try this method. There is no harm in trying this method.

So that's it for today. If you like this blog then give it a 💖 reaction. If you have any question, then you can connect to me on any social media as @thatanjan .
Until then, stay safe and be happy 🙂

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Discussion (2)

kalashin1 profile image
Kinanee Samson

Less coding and more debugging.. I really agree with you on this, sometimes you just need to take a break to cool of.

aoussiadmehdi profile image
Mehdi Aoussiad

Nice article! Taking breaks is very important. Not taking breaks could cause burnout. Also getting enough quality sleep is important for our energy.

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