What to do when productivity hits level 0?

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I have been working on a personal project, I tried to continue its development today but it seems my productivity hit level 0. I usually solve this with an hour break, music and maybe a couple of podcasts for motivation, today it's kinda hard. So I sort to ask advice from the DEV community. Anything to get me more productive in a jiffy.

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If this is your personal project, you simply can stop developing it for some time. That is what I am doing when the inspiration ends.

After some time, the inspiration will return and you will be able to continue.

If not, well, the project is finished (or dead). Start new one.


i watch movies or tv-series.. trying to be productive when I am not in the mood is useless for me. so instead of trying harder I watch movies or do something that I like. it works for me. then I can start with full stamina again.


You need to back to real life for a while, it always helps. Meet with friends with beer and laugh. This one helps 100%, dont give up!

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