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React Native Vs Flutter: What to Pick in 2020?

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Do you want to develop your apps with more agility? And to reduce costs with cross-platform development – Who doesn’t?

Front end development (FED) is the basic necessity of all digital businesses today. Hence this is a golden time for mobile development companies/FEB providers to look out for opportunities and scale to trends while developing a mobile application, be it iOS or for Android. The time has come to develop applications with seamlessness and fewer sources. That means quick and at less cost. This, in turn, helps the app development services provider to explore the vast space between two entirely different platforms. With this at the place, businesses are interested in integrating cross-platform solutions to create applications on iOS and Android using a particular language. To solve this, in this article, we compare the leading market players – Flutter vs. Native.

React Native vs. Flutter 2020 – from the subject-matter expert (SME) perspective to help you identify which framework best fits your app idea.

What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source framework brought into action by Facebook back in 2015. It is trendy having 81k stars by coders. React Native is based on JavaScript, enabling developers to frame one codebase for Android and iOS to create applications. Examples of apps based on React Native are Instagram, Pinterest, Skype, and Wix.

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The never ending debate highlighted once more. Nice post