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TerminusDB 4.0 - Data and Content Management in a Box

Hope you find 4.0 release of TerminusDB useful/interesting. We think it’s a step towards our vision of a general-purpose tool for data & content management and collaboration. We’ve extended the revision control features to allow greater visibility and provenance.

TL;DR on new features:

Model Building Tool. The database ships with an integrated visual schema building tool. It lets you visually design knowledge graphs. Like everything in TerminusDB, the data models are versioned so you can make changes in testing and if it breaks your database, you can easily roll back to an earlier working version. You can also share your models/schemas through TerminusHub.

Document Editor. TerminusDB 4.0 has full surfability, clickability and editability of database documents through the console. It is a wiki or catalogue of all your data that you can edit in place. This is the beginning of the TerminusDB content management system, which we will be expanding over the coming months.

CSV Manager. With a single click, you can now build a database from a CSV or a group of CSVs. We have tried to make it as simple as possible for users to interact with the CSV tooling and versioning.

Command Line Interface. Now ships with a Git-like CLI.

When we were trying to come up with snappy headlines earlier today, one of the engineers suggested:

‘It's a Document DB! It's a Graph DB! It's Distributed Revision Control for Data! It's a Data Management Console! It's TerminusDB!’

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