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re: Thanks! I haven't tried Kaggle before, how do you (not) like it in comparison to Colab? Also regarding expansive GPUs, I recently learned about Jet...

Wow, the Xavier board is beefy for such a little guy! That's really neat. I'm actually using a Jetson Nano to power my web based Go(Baduk) system. (github.com/Terkwood/BUGOUT/issues/67) I'm not a very good player so it beats me despite its small GPU 😁

Kaggle is nice because it gives 9 hours of high end GPU quota to each user for free, per week. it looks like another nice supplement to Colab for folks like me who are still learning ML. There are a lot of tutorials available from various competition winners and other learners in the community!

Hope to see you post about your experiences with Xavier if you go ahead with a build. Stay distant! 😷 🤜 🦠

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