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Discussion on: Top 10 Most Popular Programming languages and their Creators

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Tensor-Programming • Edited on

This list is not really up to date. No one is really hiring Perl devs or Pascal devs, hell you'd find more work as an erlang or f# dev. Most of them still floating around are maintaining software not writing new stuff. JavaScript and python sit at the top of every list simply in terms of popularity and Java's popularity has been sort of falling in certain usecases these past couple of years.

BTW, lisp is not a functional language, people seem to get that idea because of scheme and modern lisps like clojure. Lisp did implement some of the concepts of lambda calculus but it also was imperative and you could make a case that it's much less functional then many other modern languages. The creator of smalltalk took a ton of inspiration from lisp and scheme was a subset of lisp that focused on lambda calculus. BTW, there are a ton of books and courses to learn common lisp, clojure, scheme, racket or insert lisp name here. It is one of the oldest languages after all.

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Laughing Raven

Please provide evidence to support your claim. Perl and Pascal/Delphi are used extensively in industry as well as in the Governmental arena.