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Discussion on: Will Native Development be dead for good in 2020?

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Tensor-Programming • Edited on

This is a funny little article. It's also a bit misleading because technically flutter is a native development platform (though react native isn't). The whole xamarin thing is wrong but enough people have said something regarding that.

The only technology that might potentially kill native wasn't even discussed in this article and is still a long way from that point (at least a decade). That would be WASM. In the future, wasm could define entire operating systems and could potentially be faster. With wasm sandboxing, you don't have to worry about kernel vs app memory or the different execution rings. But then if the OS uses wasm then everything written on top of it would also be native.

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Karan Shah Author

While Flutter is a native dev platform, it is still new so while the community is growing, a lot of tools, third party SDKs and others are still missing. Unless you're using google backed tools like firebase, you will still need to get your hands dirty with native code like one has to do with RN.

Also, WASM is still too far away to talk about. It's a great tool - like PWA but unless it receives first-class support from the OS and adoption by developers, it remains a fad.

There are and have been numerous technologies which possess the potential to disrupt but very few actually do!