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Discussion on: Ruby on Rails will be dead soon!

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Tensor-Programming • Edited on

This is the kind of post I can get behind. I really dislike it when people say x technology is going to die or Y technology is worse than Z. I'm a polyglot Dev, and I've had the fortune of working in a ton of different domains; languages and other technologies should just be viewed as tools in your tool belt. Yeah sure, there are a few languages that work like hammers and a few that work like socket wrenches but that doesn't mean that one is better than the other; at least not from a general point of view.

I've actually been pretty impressed with the recent additions to Ruby. They added some pretty nice concurrency primitives, and the new compiler is much faster than it used to be. And while I would rarely pick rails for a new project, there certainly are usecases for both Ruby and rails. Also there's a good reason why recently we've been getting new languages that follow Ruby like syntaxes (crystal, nim and elixir for example). It's a nice syntax to work with.

Also if you learn Ruby, it's pretty easy to transition to a language like elixir or python, even something like rust shouldn't be too difficult to gork coming from a ruby background. It's perfectly acceptable for new programmers to get their feet wet with something like rails and there are still plenty of jobs out there looking for rails devs.