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Discussion on: Architecture as a burden

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Jake C

I would really like to see a well thought out path to solution a large shared database. My team struggles with this and we know it’s a problem.

Oh, microservices? So we build out microservices to cover all the needs for accessing this data. The vast majority is read-only, since its ERP data, so it should be easy to do that.

But wait, a year later we need to modify one of those microservices to add a field to the output of some endpoint. Who owns that microservice? We’re in the same problem you described with the database, with the bonus problem of much higher latency.

How do we avoid the same problem now? I would love to consider these microservices as disposable, but it’s almost impossible to think of things that way in enterprise development. There are 10 applications using that microsevice now, and it definitely seems like a bad idea to add cruft for my edge case to it.