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Discussion on: Clean, DRY, SOLID Spaghetti

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Jake C • Edited on

So much misplaced blame here I don't even know where to begin.

Every problem you list stemming from SOLID principles is a misinterpretation. SRP is about cohesion. OCP doesn't dictate inheritance and the second you find yourself struggling with inheritance you need to wake up and realize you're going about the problem wrong (I can't believe I had to type that). Data-driven models aren't advocated by SOLID, and it was definitely a poor design decision.

In both SOLID and testing cases, you're using poor execution on the developers' part to somehow claim that the concept is bad.

This is like me saying all fast-food chains should go away because McDonald's doesn't taste very good.

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Chad Smith

In my honest opinion he's not blaming anything. He says it's not SOLID fault for it. I feel all he is saying is that you can follow all these "rules" and still end up with a horrible code base. He's not saying or blaming them as the root cause for a horrible code base.

I believe he's saying you should never code blind. Don't just code to follow something. Know why you're writing something. Don't take everything as rules, take them as guidelines, but still think about what you're coding.

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Jason C. McDonald Author • Edited on

...and I quote...

Was SOLID at fault for that? Absolutely not! It just goes to show, SOLID isn't some sort of magic bullet for maintainability. Its principles have to be applied with common sense and attentive discernment.


There are a lot of infinitely helpful principles and standards that help us write good code [...] You will always need to be actively invested in the process of crafting good code.

(P.S. To be fair, I just edited the post to add two words to the final paragraphs to help clarify my point even further.)