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Discussion on: 4 Problems with Slack that can ruin remote work‍

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Great post! I agree wholly- however, especially now with remote working more common and necessary than ever, having a platform for continuous communication with the work headquarters is such a necessity. Whether it's Slack, G-Chat, Teamwork Chat, or any other type of chat function you're using, having the ability to stay in contact so quickly is so useful. The distractions are a definite downside, the constant feeling that has us "needing" to check it all them time is another not-so-great point, but the upsides are impossible to negate. I suppose, it's like a virtual watercooler. ;)

I guess it's like a necessary evil, you know?

Thanks for the insight!

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hrishikesh1990 Author

True, Slack's a great tool, just that you need to be aware about the downsides and have workarounds for them. I think the biggest +ve, as you also pointed out, is that you 'stay & feel connected' with Slack.

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