2019 Dev Resolutions

Tori Pugh on January 06, 2019

I'm feeling purposeful recently I've felt particular invigorated since I got a new job last year. The people I work with are much bett... [Read Full]
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Be careful though not to add too much on your plate, for you don't need to know 'everything'.

It is far better to be specific on the few stuff you actually really need for a particular job/project and focusing on those than to scratch the surface of many techs/frameworks/libraries without having mastery of any.

Dan Abramov explain that better in this recent post: "Things I Don’t Know as of 2018"


I agree. I was trying to get things that related to working with React and API's mostly. There should probably be an explicit ranking system of importance. I'll be ignorant of more things than I'll have a mastery. I've accepted that. 😁


I've been coding React and was always wondering how the heck I'm supposed to make automated tests on the front-end, thanks for the heads up.

My personal new year resolutions are:

  • Planning and meeting, planning and meeting, planning and meeting, planning and meeting, coding.

  • Understand how I should be making automated tests for both the front-end (react) and backend (Laravel) and how to streamline the process on real-life apps.

  • I always start my apps RESTful with just the REST functions per controller. But then due to constraints of security, complexity and atomicity, I end up with a lot of functions which sometimes end up overlapping or redundant. That needs some retrospective.


Good point with the REST.

I'm watching a YouTube series about RESTful API that so far seems to do a good job with handling redundancy in controllers. It's the 4th video out of 14 so maybe that will change. youtube.com/playlist?list=PL55RiY5...


Thanks! That was a great read. Didn't realize I would still need more security while using JWT. So I'll look into that as well.


Nice list. You can add PWA and web components to your list :)


Is that something seperate from React or something to integrate into it. Are there plugins or packages I should focus on?


Yes, you can integrate web components in your react app. You can create common web components that can be integrated in any framework, take a look on stenciljs. About PWA, you can create web apps to work almost like a native app, works offline, display notification, etc.


Since your bio states that you work with wordpress maybe look into the new Gutenberg editor. You can develop custom blocks in react so that might be a fun experiment :)


That's true. I really meant to do that, great idea!

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