Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X gaming console will be released in 2020

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The currently relevant game consoles Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One were released back in 2013. More than five years have passed since then, and it is time for companies to release new generations of consoles with an updated appearance and technical specifications. Microsoft took the first decisive step in this direction and, as part of a special event, officially announced its next-generation gaming device, called the Xbox Series X. According to Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, the novelty will receive a more powerful technical filling, but the audience was most surprised by the appearance console.

We are all used to the fact that game consoles are available in rectangular form, and thin enough to be put on a shelf under the TV. Microsoft designers abandoned this idea and presented a rather cumbersome device compared to its predecessors. In their opinion, this form will reduce console noise, but are users ready to sacrifice extra space for silence? Yes, the Xbox Series X can be delivered horizontally and company representatives announced this themselves. Only now with this form of “refrigerator”, the prefix can hardly be placed on a narrow shelf.

New game console from Microsoft

In terms of power, the Xbox Series X will be four times more powerful than the Xbox One X with improved features introduced in 2017. AMD Zen 2 introduced in July 2019 with the graphics architecture of Radeon RDNA will be installed as the central processor. The new chip was created using a 7-nanometer process technology, while the processors of the previous generation were created using a 14-nanometer process. At a minimum, this means that the console will warm up less under high load.

According to The Verge, the speed of reading and writing data will also be increased – this was achieved by using NVMe SSD drives. Unlike old SSDs, the new ones connect to a completely different connector and in theory their read and write speeds can reach 3.94 GB / s. Also, the new console will use GDDR6 RAM, which should reduce the boot time of the console and increase the performance of the games themselves. In particular, Microsoft representatives spoke about support for games in 8K-resolution with a frequency of 120 frames per second.

The start of sales of the Xbox Series X console is scheduled for autumn 2020. One of the exclusive games of the novelty will be Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, about the first part of which we already once spoke. According to the company, the game trailer is completely created on the Unreal Engine 4 engine. You might think that all the beauty shown on the video will be real on the console, but you shouldn’t believe it yet. You need to at least wait for the release of the game, but this date is still unknown.

The console will be available for purchase along with a new controller. Little is known about him. Of the innovations so far, only the presence of a new cross and the Share button can be noted, by clicking on which it will be possible to share screenshots and videos with friends.

What will be the Sony PlayStation 5?

The fact that Sony is working on a new console called PlayStation 5, first became known in October 2018. According to rumors, the novelty will go on sale at about the same time as the Xbox Series X in the second half of 2020. However, the fact that the two main competing consoles of the world go almost at the same time is already a tradition. After all, do you remember that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles were released in November 2013? However, the production of the PlayStation 5 is unlikely to start yet, because earlier DigiTimes reported that the assembly of components will begin only in the third quarter of 2020.

Some details about the upcoming console were previously shared by Sony employee Mark Czerny. According to him, the PlayStation 5 will run almost on the same processor as the new product from Microsoft. We are talking about the 8-core AMD Ryzen processor with the Zen 2 microarchitecture created using 7-nanometer technology. The Radeon Navi with RDNA architecture should be the graphic core – quality in 8K resolution should also be provided.

With memory, too, everything should be fine. According to rumors, the company will abandon the noisy hard drives and choose quiet and fast SSD drives. Thanks to this, the performance of games will be several times greater compared to the PlayStation 4. This was demonstrated to Wired reporters as an example of a relatively new Spider-Man game. It was launched on the PlayStation 5 prototype and on the most powerful modification of the PlayStation 4 Pro at the moment. So, on the current console today, the loading time between levels was 8.1 seconds, while the future console loaded the level in 0.8 seconds.

As for the design of the PlayStation 5 – there is no official data about this, but there are some very interesting rumors. If you believe the employees of the portal LetsGoDigital, the case of the new generation of consoles from Sony will also not be as compact as its predecessors. In addition, judging by preliminary images, he also has a very strange appearance – take, for example, the presence of a V-shaped recess on the top of the device. Assuming that Microsoft’s Xbox Series X looks like a refrigerator, Sony’s new product looks like a spaceship. What is it that turns out, 2019 and 2020 are the time of strange design decisions?

Anyway, the second half of the future 2020 promises to be very interesting. After all, at this time, manufacturers of the two most popular game consoles today will compete on their own. Anyway, I think we won’t have to get bored in the first half of the year either, because more and more rumors about future updates will appear.

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