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Open Letter to Eric Weinstein: I Can Help You Solve the Advertising Problem

technoplato profile image Michael Lustig - ・3 min read


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Knophy solves the monetization problem online by providing a way for both creators AND consumers to be paid. As a content aggregation platform, knophy allows users to earn voting power by proving they have read, watched, or listened to content by answering community moderated questions. They can use points earned by correctly answering questions to impact the ranking of content, or they can burn those points in exchange for a fungible token based on any arbitrary Blockchain smart-contract.

During Eric Weinstein’s conversation with Vitalik on “The Portal”, Eric asked Vitalik about how to use the Blockchain to empower empower creators. I humbly believe knophy is the answer and would like to talk with Eric about how we can explore that possibility. Please help me contact him by Tweeting this article @EricRWeinstein or by Retweeting this Tweet.


If you are reading this, please help me get in contact with Eric Weinstein to help solve the problem of advertising. I think Retweeting the below Tweet would be the best way to get his attention. Sincere thanks.


Yesterday, I listened to the fascinating conversation between Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin and Eric Weinstein. Towards the end of the conversation, Eric asks Vitalik if there is any way for Blockchain technologies such as Ethereum to help solve the problem of funding what are essentially public goods, Podcasts. Eric correctly points out that advertising is the “business model of last resort” and that foregoing advertising and instead funding through an individual donor or small group of donors could perhaps give the wrong impression that one is being influenced by that group.

Here is Eric’s direct quote:

I think what I really want to do is to try to figure out how to improve the business model. We've talked about a couple of different variations on on advertising, in order to make sure that controversial, but very sensible and level headed people can weather the storm that the big problem that I keep seeing is that advertisers pull when there's a coordinated campaign to say, drop that program or else Yes, and there's a a need for something like the blockchain or smart contract to make sure that you can't silence people who are speaking decently, just because they've pissed off a very large activist community. Right? So, do you see any way in which the blockchain for example, like I might give up advertising, if I could figure out a way to fund not only this program but allied programs?

Please help me get this request in front of Eric so we can begin to work together to solve this problem by retweeting the linked Tweet.

I’ve been obsessing over how to solve this issue of funding public goods for a couple of years now, and believe I have the solution, or at least the beginning of it, in the form of knophy.

In short, Knophy is a content aggregation platform similar to Reddit. The key difference is that one’s voting power must be earned by showing that one is competent about the content they are voting on. Everyone is free to comment on whatever they please, but the conversation will be dominated by those most competent in a subject area.

Competency is determined by community moderated question banks based off of the primary sources which make up a topic area. At first, topic areas are going to be limited to people only, which will make Knophy a perfect platform for Podcasters and bloggers.

I’m currently building a tool to help me more quickly make tutorial videos about how knophy is built so that, if they don’t like the way I’ve decided to implement a certain feature, they have the ability to learn about how to make it their way.

After that tool is completed, I will be spending all of my free time working on knophy.


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