Discussion on: How often do you clean your screen/keyboard?

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Michael Lustig - halfjew22@gmail.com

I just get the urge to clean it sometimes. If there’s a smudge or debris on the screen, I’ll probably be cleaning pretty soon. Sometimes, I get that gunk on my ; enter space shift f cmd or s keys. Specifically those :) Might have missed one.

In order to clean the screen, I spray a TINY amount of Windex ON THE PAPER TOWEL and wipe initially in large circles. Then I go around the edge and get the gunk out from there. After that I’ll spray even less Windex again on the paper towel and make horizontal and vertical lines to remove any streaking.

I then turn on KeyboardCleanTool and spray a little Method Lavender on the paper towel and go to town. I also make sure to wipe clean the trackpad and body of the laptop.

Finally, I’ll use some compressed air to finish up.

Fun fact, the laptop runs more effectively for a time after cleaning.