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Why Use VueJS For Your Next Project.

If you want to develop a successful website, take vue as a front end framework to make it all possible. No matter what you want to build - mobile app development, website development or progressive app development. You will find Vue as an expert in all of it. Yes, you might have questions in mind that why only Vue when you have all the great alternatives available. But, this blog is here to answer all your questions. Read further and know more about this power pack framework.

We have covered all the information that you should know before using VueJS for application development. Also, we do little comparison of Vue with React and Angular. Also, discussed how Vue can be the perfect partner framework for Laravel.

Know first about the Vue Core packages

  • VuePress
  • Vuetify
  • Vue Draggable
  • Vuex
  • Vuex Persisted State
  • Vue Meta
  • Vue Tour
  • Vue ChartJS
  • Vue Grid Layout
  • Vue Toastification
  • Vee-Validate
  • Vue Scrollama
  • Swiper.js
  • Vue2-Leaflet
  • Vue QR Code Reader
  • TroisJS

Also, we have discussed the following points in the article.

  • Vue for Web App Development
  • Progressive Web Apps with VueJs Framework
  • Vue Native for Mobile App Development
  • Why choose Vue over React?
  • Why choose Vue over Angular?
  • Why is Vue better than React and Angular?
  • Why use Vue with Laravel?
  • When You Shouldn’t Use Vue.js?

Read our article, and know all in detail about Why Use VueJS for your next project. We have covered every aspect of frontend development.

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