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Translate Texts with Google Translate - Golang Tutorial

Have you ever tried to develop a translator yourself? Are you interested in learning how to develop a feature to translate texts? Then you are at the right place. We will guide you through this tutorial and help you to learn How to translate texts with Google Translate API using Golang.

Tutorial Goal

  • Understanding and Implementation of RapidAPI Hub
  • Server Side Logic to translate texts
  • Create APIs
  • Building User Interface
  • Source Code: Demo application to translate texts with Google Translate API

Follow the below step to implement it

  • Initial Set Up
  • RapidAPI Hub Setup
  • Basic Project Setup
  • Server Side Logic
  • Create APIs
  • Client Side Setup and User Interface
  • Run the Application

In our article, we have shared all the technical codes that you need to use while implementing this tutorial. Go to Our article Translate Texts with Google Translate to see those codes and use it while implementing.

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