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Rails API Authentication Using JWT - Tutorial

You are surely aware about the importance of API authentication using JWT while developing any application. Do you find JWT authentication difficult? Looking for a solution of How to develop Rails API authentication using JWT? Then you landed on the right page.


Here, we only need to develop a demo application with only a Login feature and we see how we can implement JWT-based authentication in the Rails app. Here, what we need first :-

  • Ruby 2.7.0
  • Postman
  • Rails 7.0.3
  • SQLite DB

Now you have to follow the following steps to make an easy implementation.

  • Create Rails Application
  • Add Gems
  • Create User Model
  • Create User Controller
  • Add CRUD Operations
  • Create JwtToken Concern
  • Creating Authentication Controller
  • Implementing the Login Function
  • Update routes.rb
  • Test the API using Postman
    • Create Users
    • Login

We have shared all the technical codes and information that is required to make the implementation easy and smooth. If you want to know more about Rails API Authentication using JWT, Jump to our article now.

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