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Laravel Microservices : In-Details Guide

Here, In this article, we have covered all the information related to Microservices architecture, need, advantages and usage. Go ahead in the blogpost to know more about how to build Laravel microservices with the Lumen framework. At the end of the article, you will get to know when, why and how businesses need Laravel for microservices.

If we simply define microservices, it is a collection of freely deployable services. It has an approach to building applications software as a collection of compact, independently deployable, and modular services.

Here. Each service needs a well-defined interface to execute a different operation and interact. So, here Laravel comes into the picture and we use it to implement it.

Why Do Businesses Need Microservices?

  • Defend against failure
  • Scalability
  • A Reduction in Team Size and Output

Advantages of Laravel Microservices

  • One-on-One Deployment
  • Resilient Module Boundaries
  • The Simplicity of Upgrading & Maintenance
  • Diversity in Technology
  • Versatile Across All Coding Languages

When Should You opt to Go For Microservices?

It always depends on your application.

  • Is being built from the ground up
  • Low productivity
  • Is rebuilding (or refactoring) a legacy
  • Introducing new features to an app that already exists.
  • Is a monolithic program.
  • A challenge is scaling.
  • Is challenging to maintain

How to Build Microservices with Laravel Lumen (Tutorial)

  • About Laravel-Lumen
  • Initial Set-Up
  • Install Lumen
  • Configure Your Application
  • Database and Migrations
  • Create a Model File
  • Setup Controller Files
  • Setup Routes Files
  • Testing APIs

In our original article, we have shared all the things in detail along with technical codes and processes. If you want to know more about Laravel microservices and want to implement it. Read our article now.

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