.NET Fundamentals: Arrays in C#

Matt Eland on February 27, 2020

The post .NET Fundamentals: Arrays in C# appeared first on Kill All Defects. Recently I had the opportunity to give an introductory lesson on a... [Read Full]
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Hi 😄 , Good video.
.NET is managed, so it stops developers to do dangerous things like accessing other memory. Also the reference type example was good.

May I know which software you used to record the video, is it a freeware. And did you used normal mobile headphones as mic ?


This video was my first with Camtasia, but in the past I've used Vegas Movie Studio on Steam and Audacity (free) to similar effect.

Audio was done with a microphone on a boom arm. It cost $80 for the mic / arm combo.


ok good, should we record our audio while recording or after recording ?

Whatever works for you. I've had best luck with live segments, since audio can sound jumpy splicing in little chunks.


I just followed you because you made a good question on this article...#Dev.Pizza

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