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Discussion on: Have you worked with a third party recruiting agency?

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sam • Edited on

I worked with two different third party recruiters during my recent job search. One of them provided no value at all, he didn't get me any interviews. The other one matched me with some companies I wouldn't have applied to otherwise. I had a few phone interviews and one on-site interview from those companies, but I didn't get any offers.

Honestly it felt like he was trying to make me, a square peg, fit into a round hole with these companies and he was going for numbers rather than trying to find a good fit. I wouldn't have applied to most of them on my own because they only tangentially fit my interests and skill set. The recruiter ultimately decided to stop working with me because I pushed back because I had 7 interviews scheduled in a single week.

Maybe they'd be helpful for someone else, but I wouldn't work with third party recruiters again.