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Discussion on: Why I've started asking companies about their technical interviews before proceeding with them

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sam • Edited on

I recently got a new job and I have a lot of feelings on this subject.

During different tech screens, I was asked to solve Boggle, write a Scrabble scorer, calculate winning checkers moves, write a jigsaw puzzle solver, and implement a Pokemon Go algorithm. Note I'm not in the gaming industry, or anywhere near the gaming industry - most of these were B2B companies.

How are these fair tests when my day to day work is "implement a button that pops open a new panel with some settings in it"? It felt like a big part of the interviewing process was just figuring out which companies had sane hiring practices.

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Charlotte Author

Hi Sam! wow that is crazy! As someone who doesn't even play games I'd really struggle with those.

I had one today where I had to create an app, work on it for a few hours at home and then code with 2 interviewers to build upon it even more. I actually really enjoyed that part and have accepted the job :)