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What could be better than free? Free, forever, that’s what!

You can now use the powerful Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) solution, at no cost, ad infinitum. Software AG recently released a brand new version of Integration called the Free Forever Edition, which provides many of the same great capabilities as the enterprise version for businesses running smaller projects.

Software AG’s easy to use cloud-based integration platform is ideal for both technical and non-technical users and integrates with over 300 popular cloud-based SaaS apps like Salesforce, ServiceNow and Workday. You can also create your own custom integrations using our free connector kit as a starting point.

Have you already taken Integration for a test drive? Maybe you wished the free trial lasted longer? Now you don’t have to cut your account off after 30 days. Take the time you need to finish your projects and sign up to convert your free 30-day trial into our Free Forever Edition. Take the first step towards a better digital future.

Convert a 30-day trial into Free Forever!

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