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Apama Advent Calendar - 24 Dec 2021 - Apama Christmas Tree Lights

This is Day #24 (final day) of a short series of brief tips, tricks, hints, and reminders of information relating to the Apama Streaming Analytics platform, both from Software AG as well as from the community.


Dot dash, dot dash dash, dot dash, dash dash, dot dash (=Apama)

As a little bit of Christmas fun, we’ll make use of this LED Christmas tree for Raspberry Pi by The Pi Hut to display festive tweets in morse code. This project makes use of the Twitter API, the Apama HTTP client connectivity plugin, and a C++ based EPL Plugin for interfacing with RaspberryPi’s GPIO.

As you will see, there is no “analytics” today, it is just a bit of seasonal fun that demonstrates:

  1. Apama running on an IoT device (the Raspberry Pi)
  2. Use of EPL (Day #6)
  3. Use of a custom EPL Plugin (to control the LEDs)
  4. Use of a standard connectivity plugin (HTTP Client) to integrate to an external data-source (Day #8)

And who doesn’t like flashing LED’s anyway!

Go check it out in the Software AG Tech Community!

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