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Introducing Caligator: A Simple Yet Powerful Open-Source Calculator & Convertor

sarthology profile image Sarthak Sharma ・2 min read

Hey friends! How's it going?

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I'm doing great, and I'm here to talk about the latest open-source product by Team XenoX πŸ”₯. Yep, it's that time again! This is my 10th product this year, and I'm equally excited as I was on the release of the first one!

Anyway, let me tell you about it quickly.

What is Caligator

Caligator is a simple but powerful app that lets you calculate anything and do easy unit conversions for measurements like length πŸ“, weight βš–οΈ, currency πŸ’΅, and more. Sounds like it's been done before, right? Well, there's a little twist to this. We've made Caligator powerful like an alligator. 🐊 Caligator thinks the way you do, so it can interpret what you're trying to calculate and give you the desired result as you're typing! πŸ€“

Check out what Caligator is capable of in action.

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Caligator Currency Conversion GIF

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So I hope this gives you a good idea of what you can do with this app. It can calculate a number of things, but the best part is that you don't have to write everything in perfect equations. Caligator is a smart cookie! We've tried to build it keeping in mind how people think. And that's exactly how Caligator tries to interpret and solve your queries.

So if you type something like "1/3 of 100", it will give you the correct answer.

Try for yourself and witness the magic!

Caligator Was Made Possible By XenoX Multiverse

This is the first app that has been made possible with the help of some talented devs in XenoX Multiverse! In my crusade to promote open-source projects, I've released a lot of products this year with the help of my open-source initiative, Team XenoX πŸ”₯. Our doors are now open to devs of all backgrounds and experience levels. So if you're someone who wants to contribute to Caligator or any of our other exciting upcoming projects, join in! πŸ₯³ We have some cool new features planned for Caligator in the coming few weeks, including:

  1. Font size preferences πŸ†Ž
  2. Export options πŸ’Ύ
  3. Click to copy πŸ“„
  4. More themes 🎨

So let me know what you think! If you love the product, tell your friends. 🧑 If you wanna join us, go here and follow the steps.

We're on ProductHunt Today! 😻

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We just launched Caligator on ProductHunt as well. If you like it, please show some love and leave your thoughts on ProductHunt. I'd love to hear what you have to say. πŸ™πŸΌ

That's it for today, folks! See you around!

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Maybe you can draw some inspiration from the Wolfram|Alpha web-based calculator for your app. It's my go-to for basically any calculation when I'm at a desktop computer. You can type things like:

distance to moon / thickness of nickel

...and it parses the text to give you the result!


Yes! I'm actually a fan of Wolfram Alpha! I discovered it around 2014/15 on Quora when it suddenly got a lot of popularity! Our end goal is to actually implement that level of input interpretation! Lots of work to be done.


I believe Numi is also something that can be used to make Caligator even better in forthcoming releases


I'm not at a computer right now so I can't test it. Can it do base conversions? It's super useful to be able to work in different bases at the same time. I'm particularly interested in being able to do something like "37/13 from base 10 to 3" or "21120/1 from base 3 to 2".


Hi Justin,
Base conversions are not yet implemented. But thanks for the suggestion - we have added it to our TODO list. And if you are interested you are welcome to take it up as well.


You're hosting it on now so I like it even more 😁


This is amazing. I would like to contribute on new themes. So I would like to know the stack behind this amazing app to know if I can help... πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯


Thats great to know Olimpio. Now we have 3 modes for themes - auto(imports from OS theme), dark and light. For the stack - it is built on electron JS. Find the code below to jump in


I'll check it out. Thanks...


Would be pretty cool if there was an Alfred extension that used a lot of the features here!


Very nice! What are some of the other products you said you've worked on over the year? You mentioned this was number 10.


Thanks Victor! Check out this collection.

Edit: fixed link


Your collection link returns 404 on Product Hunt btw


It's so sleek and sexy, I love it. Looks electron-based, If so, I'm a big fan.


nice, seems interesting

is also a good project for hacktoberfest


Yes you are welcome -
Fork it and start on it. github.com/sarthology/caligator


This is such an awesome tool. Can you also add timezone converter in future? For example, 10am EST to IST.


Hey Supremus, That actually cool !! We will add it to the upcoming versions..


It would be nice to see this in the AUR ( arch user repository )

Sloan, the sloth mascot Comment marked as low quality/non-constructive by the community View code of conduct

Seriously? Change the world huh? With something that's been around for ages? I saw similar DOS apps in the 90s. Google will do this for you too. This is far from Earth shattering. No, changing the world means solving real problems to keep this Earth and our species alive. But you dude-bros have always been full of it. I'm a girl and been coding for 30 years. What sucks is, you will get more credit for this than I ever will, and I've worked on mission-critical code. But please tell me how this is "different".


Hey Paige! Looks like you're new here, so welcome to DEV.to first of all. Secondly, I'm sure you must have a lot of amazing stories and useful experiences to share from your 30 years of coding career solving real problems. πŸ˜‡
Publish them, and I bet the folks here will appreciate it. And hey, you might just get a lot more credit than you think.

Meanwhile, we will step up our game and try solving bigger problems as well. πŸ› 

Dude-bro from Team XenoX πŸ”₯


What in the world did you joined dev.to for? To put people down? πŸ™„


Thank you for reminding us all that there is such a thing as toxic femininity. Not cool to rain on another person's parade like that.

To the author of this neat project and anyone else that might feel put off by comments and people like that, please just don't. Solve the problems you encounter and do it with pride. No matter how small the step, YOU did it. That is a victory, and don't let anybody tell you any different.

Sharing your work and your positivity with the world will expose you to toxic comments and ad-hominem attacks like this. Face the criticism for what it is; take in the constructive criticism but brush off the rest. I'm not saying you shouldn't act decent, we should all be excellent to each other.

Technology and development is for everybody. It sees no race, no gender, and that should be the mindset of a programmer.


Oh, no doubt. If we started moping around after each and every harsh remark, we'd get nothing done. XD

Thanks for the support and kind words, Christopher. πŸ™πŸΌ


and what did you do to keep this Earth and our species alive ? I am ready to listen your story.