🀯 Ultra List: One List to Rule Them All. March, 19

Sarthak Sharma on March 26, 2019

"Did you know the average developer spends one-fifth of his life reading listicles?" Surprised? I was too, when I made up this fact just now. πŸ˜‚ ... [Read Full]
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Great list! A couple of interesting things that I will need to look at later.

I would like to add Fira Code font, it is an awesome font for devs that I use in all my IDE's, iTerm, SourceTree, ...


Great list! Few things you may want to add to future lists:

  1. Feather Icons - Beautiful open source icons
  2. Wired Dots - Free Bootstrap themes for startups
  3. Mockdown - Turn high fidelity UI images into mockups

Disclaimer: I'm the creator of Wired Dots.


Great work with themes bro. πŸ‘πŸ»


There are so many things on this list that I've never heard before. Like Handtrack.js, it's so cool. And code time extension for vs code is going to be super useful for me. Iknu and Nordic fonts looks so cool too.


That supernova theme looks really nice πŸ‘Œ

I personally have been using Source Code Pro as my monospace font for the past two years, and it's pretty slick in my opinion, although I haven't tried too many other fonts. You could add it to your list if you want.


Thanks for advice will add it in upcoming lists for sure. Feel free to reach out to me if you found any other resources as well in upcoming month. 😊


Hello! Thanks for sharing, take some links from your list to add them to a list of tools for frontend developers, you can see it here if you are interested in some links here as well.



Thanks for featuring Code Time! Tons of other great tools from the community here too that I hadn't heard of before. Love the Peacock extension - keeps me sane.


Thankyou for making it in the first place. 😊😊



A good website a co-worker came across which is a portal to websites with free resources in the following categories: Inspirations, UI Kits, Mockups, Illustrations, Colors, Fonts. Icons and Stock Photos


Really awesome list! I'm really excited and looking forward for the next ones! And hopefully if I have found a gem not listed here yet.. I can contribute too!


That would be great. Looking forward to it 😊


Great idea, thanks! I'd like suggest to use a unique tag for each post, so we can follow that tag.


That’s a brilliant Idea. I loved it. 😍


The title should've been The Lord of the Lists - One List to rule them All ...

Fact Plug: it's been more than 20 years since the first LOTR movie released.


we all love list-based articles [...] It's just unavoidable.

I beg to differ! I try to avoid any article with a number in the title. They're almost all awful. Just because they're a hugely popular style doesn't mean they're any good. They're basically a subset of clickbait these days.

Next up... I might write "10 listicle articles that are actually useful"...

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