What do you find the most painful in web development?

Thibaud Ducasse on June 24, 2019

Just wondering. I think the hardest part for me is the responsibility involved in shipping code. The fact that what we build goes to prod and breaks, and then the whole team has to come up with a plan to cover for one forgotten comma somewhere.

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"insert framework here" developers. It's hard to find people who know the ins and outs of ES/JS, and thus, it's difficult to onboard developers who are self-proclaimed "framework" developers first into my team.


That is the reason we need incorporate CI/CD in your code shipping pipeline.


I already have though. It doesn't really change the fact that when it breaks (and it will), it breaks in production. Nobody has enough time to to test every weird combination of use cases, browsers, etc to find all the edge cases


The huge amount of day to day changes/updates specially in front-end development

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