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My Hacktoberfest 2021 experience

This was my first time contributing to open source, being a student it seemed like a huge task. Nervous? Afraid? Cautious? YES! I spent hours reading up on how to contribute properly a week prior to the fest.

Finding projects

The first 2 days were spent searching and starring projects. Now and then, some issues seemed very daunting while some seemed very simple. I also had to ignore the thousands of DSA repositories which were not purged in the first few days. After a lot of searching, I found my first issue and got assigned to it.
After my first accepted PR, I became a lot more confident about finding issues and my own skills. By Oct 4, to my own surprise, I had submitted 4 PRs!

Personal Favorites

2 tasks which I felt were a good test of my skills
Portfolio-Builder Issue #1 - Here I had to develop a contact me section for the command line based portfolio builder which used NodeJS, Inquirer and ReactJS.
Other responsibilities included - validation on the backend, conditional rendering on the frontend and other small bugfixes.
Stay-Productive Landing Page Issue #3 - Here I had to add a new route to show the what's new page with query parameters to and from. I also had to validate the format of the input. While the task was simple, just going through the whole codebase of the landing page and the Chrome plugin helped me learn a lot. I was also introduced to ESlint and testing friendly code.
Completed ^_^
A huge thanks to everyone at Bauddhik Geeks, Ilya flowwishthebest and alemayhu for being so supportive.


  • Apprehension is everyone's bane, only by trying (failing or succeeding) one can get rid of it.
  • Dividing the task into smaller subtasks and thinking on one at a time helps a lot.
  • The Open Source community is full of people who are readily willing to help and communicate.

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