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re: How does a browser request for resources; what are verbs and the fundamental headers (content-type, cors & origin issues)? What is hoisting? Ho...

A lot of these are great but come from a line of 'traditional' / 'booksmart' thinking..
which is great for probing and making sure candidates have the knowledge behind knowing how to answer the question... but for a lot of these i'd accept an "i don't know, but i'd look at the API docs for this method/class and learn how to manipulate the js object or function to my need"

yakno? js evolves so quick; knowing the fundamentals of OOP + quick absorption of docs + knowing how to quickly iterate = a winner


OOP is mostly a disservice to producing quality code


I was mostly pointing out the common ones for front enders.

The memorable ones from my last interview were also:

  • how do you approach this one project, where do you start, what's your thought project

  • how do you deal with a colleague that won't give up an idea that you find very wrong

  • will you trust your boss decisions even if you won't always get the entire picture

I don't know if you can "study" these

The boss one is a red flag to me. Will you be a good slave?

Spoiler alert: yes it's a red flag

But also I'm always kinda stupid and overwork myself

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