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Quick Update on v2.5.0 progress

In the last two weeks, I was working on the release v2.5.0 of Telescope. And the issue I work on is about redirecting the page to the valid commit related to a release version. Since this is my first experience working with Telescope, so it has a ton of new concepts for me to know, I spend a couple of days to set it up, and read all the codes in Telescope, then I am able to head into my issue. I create my PR for this issue, however, I still have some problems on my way.

This PR is originally for v2.5.0 release, but I am not able to make it so it is moved to v2.6.0, and I am trying to fix the problem I am having now. As soon as the new release is on live, and I also talk to my teammate- Diana to find the way to get rid of the current issue. Interestingly, we found that the issue also happened with staging, and it leaded us to the non-existing commit. The new issue is already filed to keep everything on the right track.

During the progress of v2.5.0 release, I feel myself is more active compared to last semester. I am gradually archiving part of my goal, communication is important in project management because if I do not, I would have to waste times to catch up with things going on in the project.

For my next issue, I have to work on dashboard enhancement. And this time I would dip my hands into something that I have never touched before. I would also need some tips on how to do the research for a certain problem. I feel like I am a "chicken" in this part, help me out with research skills, I would greatly appreciate that.

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