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OSD600 - Lab 10 - Publishing my Package


Hello all, this week, again I have explored new stuffs, which is about publishing my static site generator to NPM. This is actually my first time ever doing this.

How I Get Started

First, I follow these steps to set up my package to publish it. I have previously done most of the steps as it mentioned. However, when I try to run npm publish, looks like the package is not satisfied with me for some reason. It shows this message for me authentication-image I figure out the reason why it happens is because I did not log into NPM yet, so I have to run npm adduser, as well as log into npmjs too. I thought it was success after adding username there, but no, another time of encountering error. I am totally clueless why it says my package name is too similar to existing package Image description However, I has to follow what the message says, I head into my package.json file and then change the name of my program. After all, everything is fine. This is my package after publishing: my package.

Two things I did for my package is testing it as a user, and then kindly ask my friend to try it without giving any extra information. I thought I would be in trouble when I do this, but my program is looking good. Moreover, I am also thinking about maintaining this program, add more features in the future, make it better then how it is right now.


OSD600 is an amazing course I have ever taken, it taught me a lot of things I have not known before. Giving me chances to go through all concepts about Git. After this course, I could say that I have more experience in using Git. My friend has to admit that Git is really important and powerful even though he has been in this IT field for many years. As my professor said, "git is hard. But if you really take the time to understand it, it’s so powerful", and I always put those words in my mind as a motivation.

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